Principle 6 Delivery

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There are many aspects to consider when delivering a session, by completing effective preparation and designing the course you are half way there to delivering a good session. We now need to look at your delivery style and maximise the effectiveness in this area.

Let’s start with the basics of dress code. Allowances must be made on the session that you are delivering, but as a general rule, have a smart dress code. This will serve to give you confidence and come across as professional. Remember, just because you are smartly dressed, does not mean that you need to insist that your group are. The most important thing for the group is that they are comfortable and that they wear clothes and that they are ‘fit for purpose’.

Communication can make or break your session, there is no negotiation on this… we must get it right. There are a few thing you need to do like:

Choice of language – Be clear in the words that you use and explain what you mean by them. At no point should you use jargon or ‘text speak’. Remember that you may understand what you mean by your audience may not.

Voice projection – You must ensure that your voice is projected around that room and that your group can hear you. You must have a good pitch, tone, pace and volume. Try standing in the room and delivering your presentation to someone who is at the furthest point away from you. Ask them if they are able to hear you and if not you will need to adjust your projection accordingly.

Timekeeping – Always arrive early for your delivery, this will ensure that you have time to set up any equipment and minimise any last minute panicking. It will also allow your learners a chance to ask questions.

Body language – Try to portray yourself as approachable, use your hands to animate and explain key points. Hands should never be in your pockets and you must never look down upon your group.

Eye contact – Try to engage each individual by using eye contact, this will make the individuals feel like they are involved in the session.

And finally, make sure you smile at your audience as this will put them at ease, don’t be afraid to add some appropriate humour every now and again. Basically delivery is about you being calm, collected and approachable. There is nothing to fear when presenting to a group, be yourself and have fun.. do this and the group will have fun too.